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Surgical Telescope
Our telescopes are warranted against manufacturing defects for 2 years . Our German crafted telescopes  can be repaired at the Obrira factory without having to change the entire lenses. Optik Medic agrees to pay transportation costs and we will help if there is a manufacturing defect. If there is accidental breakage, Optik Medic will repair broken parts at minimal costs.

**At Optik Medic, we can correct all types of telescope prescriptions. Whether there is high astigmatism , myopia or prysmatique correction, Optik Medic can meet your needs.**

Surgical Telescope


    The Galileo Telescope was invented around 1608 by the Dutch spectacles maker Hans Lipperhey and further developed afterwards by Galileo Galilei.

    Visually high-grade and really powerful telescope glasses with a 1.8x magnification were developed by Prof. Moritz von Rohr and are since 1909 on the market.

    In the calculations not only the idle eye was taken into consideration, but also the moving. In this process – boosted by Gullstrand – the experiences were used which served as a basis for the calculation of simple glasses with regard to the specific display.

    Mainly special attention was paid to rectify the aberrational astigmatism, to eliminate the distortion and to largely exclude the color difference of magnification.

    Rathenow – the cradle of German optics

    Johann Heinrich August Duncker.The development and tradition of the city of optics Rathenow is closely connected with this name.

    Emil Busch, as a nephew of Duncker’s produced for the first time at the beginning of the 19th century telescope systems in Rathenow. After the end of the second world war the optical factory ROW in Rathenow took over the production of the 1.8x telescope systems.

    Committed to tradition…

    Diplom Engineer Günter Schwolow develops and produces since 1992 magnifying visual aids in his home town Rathenow.



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